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Prepping for my first solo trip

In less than a week I will be embarking on my first solo trip! I will be taking a road trip down to Los Angeles from Seattle to take advantage of an experience given to me by AirBnb* and back up touching on a total of five states…all in one week! I’m prrrreeeeetty excited….to say the least.

* a post to be written at a later date…12246810_10153495351327659_2853186580892907755_n

I have not been on this long a trip by myself before. I have driven to Portland on my own before, but a three-hour drive really doesn’t count. Felix will be joining me. I still count this as a solo trip, because (well) Felix is my dog. 🙂

There is so much to consider, I’ve come to realize, when preparing for a solo road trip: Miles driven (get a check up done for your car), budget, packing list (don’t forget the camera and make sure you have your phone!), weather, waypoints, rest stops. Lucky for me, I have a brother that lives in LA (Love you, Kreg ❤️) and an aunt that lives in San Jose. (Thanks, Auntie Ellen, for letting me just stop in for a good sleep and a shower!)

To plan this awesome trip, I used Roadtrippers. I discovered this amazingly useful tool by just browsing Google for road trip planners. They have pretty much everything you need to plan out your road trip from camp sites to pitch up your tent for the night to scenic attractions or photo opps along your route. I’ve even found a hot springs just 5 miles off my route! Heck yeah, I’m adding that to my trip! The app also is very easy to use. You can easily add and remove waypoints. You can also click on the waypoint and get some details and reviews on the place, including websites, phone numbers and hours of operation.

I’m gonna share my route with you all for two reasons: 1. to share the places I have chosen on my route and 2. in case I get lost or kidnapped, you can look for me on that route. 😏

This is my route down to LA from Seattle:

Trip down to LA on Roadtrippers

And my CA – NV – ID – OR – WA Route:

Trip up from LA on Roadtrippers

I also plan on using Glympse, a GPS sharing app, to share a live feed of my drive. Most likely on Facebook. I just need to figure out how to do that……..😜

Some waypoints worth mentioning:

  1. 1. Pluto’s Cave (Macdoel, CA) … a widely photographed cave that I’ve been wanting to visit for a while. I’m excited to take Felix here. It seems a lot of people take their pups here to capture a very memorable photo with the sun light shining through the opening.
  2. 2. The Psycho House (Los Angeles, CA) … Most of you know I’m a movie buff and to see this in person would be just too awesome. I love the old run down look of old houses (not that I’d have one for myself).
  3. 3. Red Rock Canyon National Park … This is a national park so I’m gonna see about sneaking Felix into this park. 😏 It’s just outside of Las Vegas and a short 2 hour trek through the canyon.
  4. 4. Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs (Twin Falls, ID) … It’s a hot springs!!
  5. 5. Boardman Tree Farm (Boardman, OR) … trees planted in straight lines! PHOTO OPP!


If there is anything that you all think I should stop by real quick, I would LOVE to get suggestions. Food, drink, art, wacky rest stops, ANYTHING! Post a comment and I’ll make sure to try to make it out to these places.

For you seasoned road trippers, I’d love to hear from you! What are YOUR favorite parts of road tripping? What should I be looking out for? What are your favorite spots that could be something I should check out while I’m out there? Send me a message or post in the comments!

It’ll be HOT HOT HOT in California! I’m looking forward to slathering on that sun screen and showing off my bathing suit! Whoo! Excited to share this fun trip with you all!

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