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Meeting People On Your Solo International Trip & You Haven’t Even Left Home Yet

I’ve heard it said: “You’re never really alone when you’re on a solo trip…”

I’m starting to see why. But for my first solo international trip, I’ve made some pretty awesome connections and I haven’t even left Seattle yet!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m leaving for my first international solo trip today! I’ll be flying into Cartagena, Colombia and sailing on a ship full of digital nomads to Lisbon, Portugal where I will be staying a few more days to explore.

I’ve been talking about this cruise for months and only in the past month, my anxiety about the trip heightened. The realization that I’m not going to know ANYONE on this trip began to set in. As excited as I am, I am just as equally nervous. Thank goodness for my coach Suzy. Our last session helped me a bit with my anxiety. ❤️

Everyone gets the preflight jitters. Even experienced travelers. This trip contains a bunch of FIRSTS for me: First international solo trip. First time on a cruise. First time not checking a bag. First (and LAST) time I’m flying Sprit Airlines! Naturally, I had the urge to make some connections to ease my jitters.

When the creator of the Nomad Cruise Johannes Voelkner made a Facebook group page for the passengers, I made my attempt to connect with everyone. The group was meant to post introductions, fun facts and important info for the members. I wanted an easier way to communicate with each other, so I created a Facebook group chat.

Facebook group chat is genius!

Making connections on your solo trip…connect on Facebook!

Immediately, people thought it was a wonderful idea and began requesting to be added to the group. It was ingenious! Conversations flew! People connected on the ground. Made plans to meet up for meals and drinks and excursions. Share their journeys to Cartagena. And even shared a bit about who they were and what they are hoping to gain and learn from the trip. Even Johannes interacted with us. I felt very taken care of by the curators of the cruise.

Seeing the notifications of the messages every day made me feel like I was already there with everyone. I feel like I already made some friends. Knowing that I have connections in my final destination puts my anxiety at ease. The only anxiety I have now is assuring myself that my flights are on time… 😝

I have to make a shout out to Jan Richter and Lea Daranyi for making the first connections with me. They were the first ones (WAY back) to make a connection and make me feel like I’ll have friends there. Thanks, guys! I’m excited to meet you and everyone else in person!

Here we go! Colombia, here I come!

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Tristanne has a grateful heart journeying though life transforming into her true self. She wants to see the world, meet incredible souls and share their impactful stories with the rest of the world. She believes that every person on every inch of this Earth has the potential to give a little something to make life worth living. Make today your best day ever!

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